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Hivos is an international NGO that promotes sustainability in specific commodity groups. In addition to using true pricing in their campaigns to initiate positive engagements with commodity production systems in Africa, Asia and other regions, Hivos also launched a strategy which supports makers contribution to freedom of expression in societies. 

Project description

In collaboration with Hivos, Impact Institute has created CSRAfrica.com.: an online portal  that helps growers, traders, and retailers from the Kenyan floriculture sector improve their societal impact. CSRArica offers up-to-date sector information, best practices, and a tool for impact measurement. Alongside the web portal, Impact Institute collaborates with local partners to carry out impact scans at Kenyan flower nurseries.

Benefits to the client

Collaborating with Impact institue offered Hivos a method to quantitatively measure societal impact. Our online portal shows different players in the floriculture value chain what their biggest impacts are, and where the greatest opportunities for improvement lie. The online social impact quick-scan is an opportunity for Hivos and their partners to directly gain insight into societal impact.

*The publication is in Dutch

*The customer was working with Impact Institute under its former name, True Price

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