Hivos – Freedom of expression in 21st century Africa


Hivos is an international NGO that promotes sustainability in specific commodity groups. In addition to using true pricing in their campaigns to initiate positive engagements with commodity production systems in Africa, Asia and other regions, Hivos also launched a strategy which supports makers contribution to freedom of expression in societies. 

Project description

For this project, Impact Institute was asked to be the monitoring and evaluation partner for Hivos’ program on enhancement of freedom of expression in Northern, Eastern and Southern African countries. We analysed survey data that Hivos collected amongst artists and creative hubs, who are partners in Hivos freedom of expression programs, in order to evaluate these programs. Moreover, we provided advice on data collection, data management and tools for analysis. In addition, we helped Hivos to make sense of the complexity around the issue of culture, media and freedom of expression and co-created a relevant monitoring & evaluation plan.

Benefits to the client

This study provided Hivos with clear recommendations on how to use the results of the survey data to evaluate the value of freedom of expression. Hivos was able to identify improvement points to further advance their programs. Furthermore, Hivos gained insights into the capacity of its local partners, such as their financial, creative and communication skills and was provided with the required means to stimulate dialogue with them.

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