Gasunie – IP&L and the Discounted Integrated Value Model


Gasunie manages and maintains energy infrastructure in The Netherlands and Germany, focusing on natural gas, CO2, and hydrogen amid the energy transition. They prioritise fair access to their services and are solely owned by the Dutch State.

Project description

In 2024, Gasunie published its first Integrated Profit and Loss Statement (IP&L) in their Annual Report 2023 with the help of Impact Institute. Gasunie quantified and monetised the impact of its activities and its value creation for stakeholders over the year 2023.

In parallel with cooperating on Gasunie’s IP&L, Gasunie and Impact Institute also worked together on a pilot project to develop and introduce a Discounted Integrated Value Model (DIVM) into project valuation; applied to a specific large-scale project as a case study. Very important goals of the project were to learn the language of impact structuring & impact measurement, and subsequently perform a deep-dive into the relevant value chains, which are of utmost important for understanding and quantifying impact.

Benefits to the client

Expressing impact in monetary terms places environmental and social value on par with financial value, thereby allowing to more effectively assess and mitigate potential negative environmental (e.g. climate change and air pollution) and social impact (e.g. human rights violations), whilst at the same time preserving the positive societal value (e.g. the societal value of energy). The comparability of different impacts also allows for clear communication among stakeholders, and consultation with peers, on how to value and to steer on impact.

When there is clarity on where and how impact in the value chain occurs, it becomes possible to start steering on impact and integrate it into decision-making processes. The DIVM that we developed together, can be used at different points within the organisation, for instance at the project level, or at the strategic level.

Download the full report here.

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