Alliander – Integrated profit & loss account

Integrated Profit & Loss Account


Alliander is the largest energy network provider of the Netherlands with a revenue of €1,6 billion in 2015. The company has a network of more than 130,000 kilometres with which it distributes gas and electricity to large parts of the Netherlands.

Project description

In collaboration with Alliander, Impact Institute* has mapped the most material impacts of the direct operations of Alliander as well as the energy value chain along the six capitals of the IIRC. Based on this analysis, the most important impacts were quantitatively measured and valued. Next to that, three projects focused on reducing CO2 impact were measured and published in the annual report. Also, an organisation-specific guide for impact measurement was drafted, which the organisation used to calculate the impact of one of its new projects by itself.

Benefits to the client

The project has helped Alliander to shape its strategy to improve its contribution to the energy transition towards more sustainable energy. In addition, Alliander was involved in the impact measurement of three projects and afterwards the full organisation, which have been published in its 2015 and consecutive annual reports. This has allowed the company to build capacity on impact measurement and valuation, while at the same time enhance communication of its impact to stakeholders, i.a. shareholders.

*The customer was working with Impact Institute under its former name, True Price

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