Project Description


The Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Netherlands is among others concerned with agricultural supply chains. In a recent publication by the Scientific Council for Government Policy on the future sustainability our future food system a number of future potential threats were identified into the environmental and health sphere. The Ministry sought to gain deeper insight in the economic, environmental, and social externalities in food supply chains.

Project description

The Impact Institute* and Wageningen University and Research Centre (WUR) conducted qualitative and quantitative research on the externalities involved in five food product supply chains: cocoa, milk, processed beef, potatoes, and green beans.  Formalization of a sound methodology is part of the project. An important analysis is the identification of material environmental, social, and economic externalities throughout the supply chains. Where sufficient data was available, the Impact Institute and WUR quantified and valued the relevant impacts.

Benefits to the client

The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs received a systematic overview of the material externalities for five important food supply chains in the Netherlands. For the material impacts, an order of magnitude was provided, where possible in a quantitative way. These insights can help the Ministry identify priority areas to ensure the future sustainability and competitiveness of the Netherlands in the food sector.

The customer was working with the Impact Institute under its former name, True Price