Project Description


Fairtrade International is an NGO, multi-stakeholder association that includes three producer networks, 25 local Fairtrade organizations, and the overarching Fairtrade International and FLOCERT: the independent certification body of the global Fairtrade system. With the Impact Institute*, Fairtrade International wanted to gain more insight into externalities of banana production in order to define priority areas for impact improvements and to evaluate the impact of Fairtrade projects.

Project description

We conducted a global study examining the externalities of banana production in four countries: Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, and Peru. Using data collected from trusted local contacts, we measured and quantified social impacts including underpayment, harassment, and job security to understand the most material social costs to this sector.

Benefits to the client

This study gave Fairtrade International insight into the materiality of their own external costs compared to the sector on a global scope. This allowed them to shape their strategies in supporting producer organizations. Results of the Impact Institute product scan were also used in communication strategies to stakeholders e.g., proving the urge to take action to solve key supply chain issues.

The customer was working with the Impact Institute under its former name, True Price