Achmea is the largest Dutch insurance company. They provide insurance services to four sharing economy initiatives: ThuisAfgehaaldPeerbyCroqqer en SnappCar. The insurances are tailor-made to the needs of these novel platforms.

Project description

Achmea wanted to know to what extent sharing initiatives add value to society. The organisation was reviewing their support to the development of sharing initiatives and the outcome of the impact assessment were to influence this decision. We calculated the social value creation of the sharing economy initiatives. The four initiatives created a social value of €4 million. This is due to more and better social relations between people as the sharing economy is centered around transactions between individuals that did not know each other before. Based on survey and (anonymised) user data, we showed that transactions on the platforms led to increased contact and sometimes even new friendships. Additional contact also increases the autonomy of participants and (to a lesser extent) their health

Benefits to the client

Achmea now has better understanding of the impact and potential value creation of the initiatives they support. The organisation got an overview of different impacts of sharing initiatives, including quantified estimates.

The customer was working with the Impact Institute under its former name, True Price