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Rise and Shine: Join us for Breakfast Inspiration Sessions, delivered by NAB in partnership with Impact Institute

In the dynamic realm of impact investing, collaboration and knowledge-sharing are pillars of progress. The Netherlands Advisory Board on Impact Investing (NAB) has been hosting a series of Breakfast Inspiration Sessions, on topics such as biodiversity, energy transition, water and more – offering a vibrant space for learning, collaboration, and innovation within the impact investment community.  

Below you can find the details and registration link for the next session coming up, as well as a recap of previous editions we participated in as knowledge partners.  

Coming soon! Breakfast Inspiration Session: Health 

As we embark on a new year of impactful conversations, our upcoming Breakfast Inspiration Session focuses on Health. Join us as we delve into the intersection of health, well-being, and impact investing into healthcare globally.

Speakers include our very own Michel Scholte from Impact Institute, providing valuable insights into impact frameworks applied to healthcare, as well as Johanneke Maenhout from NLC Health Ventures, Sytske Groenewald from Cardano, and Dieuwertje Roos and Ruben Koekoek from Social Finance NL.

Expect engaging discussions, practical insights, and actionable strategies for fostering healthy lives and communities through impact investing. 

Earlier Editions of Breakfast Inspiration Sessions

The Biodiversity Breakfast Inspiration Session sparked discussions on the critical need for conservation efforts and addressed complexities of impact management. Key findings suggested that $8.4 trillion in investments are needed by 2050 to finance solutions to fight climate change, loss of nature, and land degradation. Our recommendation is that you start investing for positive impact now! Do not wait for the perfect indicator, otherwise you’ll be too late and will not be able to keep up with upcoming regulations. 

Curious about how to understand and manage your organisation’s impact on biodiversity? Contact us. We enable corporations and global investors to map their data against Impact Institute’s proprietary biodiversity impact data. Want a quick free biodiversity scan of your portfolio? Find out more, get in touch and request a free biodiversity quick scan.

The Water Breakfast Inspiration Session: The essence of life itself, water emerged as a central theme in our exploration of sustainable investments. Impact Institute presented a real-life case of a water impact project and its impact throughout the value chain. From discussions on water resilience strategies to the urgent call for investments in clean water solutions, participants were reminded of the pivotal role of water in driving positive social and environmental outcomes.

Thirsty for positive impact? We have methodologies, tools, and data to assess the positive and negative impacts of all the major energy technologies, sources and countries and organisations. We do so by using our in-house software, data, and education solutions. We build transparent and comprehensive impact reports, and help navigate all SFDR, CSRD, CSDDD, PAI Proxy Data reporting.  

The Energy Transition Breakfast Inspiration Session: Amidst the global shift towards renewable energy, our Energy Transition session provided a roadmap for navigating this dynamic market. Discussions centered on climate-resilient infrastructure and financing strategies for clean energy projects. With our holistic impact approach, Impact Institute underscored that investors must be careful not to displace the problems onto other geographical areas or other externalities such as raw material mining or breaches of human rights. Ensuring a just transition is key. Furthermore, while investments in the Energy Transition globally can help realise SDGs – it is important to consider relationships with all value chain partners. Investments in green energy are only as green as their value chains.  

Moving towards a resilient and responsible energy system within planetary boundaries is one of the biggest opportunities for this decade. At Impact Institute we have 10+ years of experience as a trusted advisor for the biggest energy infrastructure companies in The Netherlands. We provide solutions for impact reporting, decision-making and impact strategy. Contact us to assess how your organisation can work to the best of its ability and contribute a positive impact towards the Energy Transition of the 21st century.  


Break Bread and Join the Conversation 

With each Breakfast Inspiration Session, we aim to inspire action and catalyse change in the realm of impact investing. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a newcomer to the field, these sessions offer a vibrant space for learning, collaboration, and innovation. Learn more about our partners NAB here – and don’t forget to sign up for the next session here. 

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