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Press release: Preqin and Impact Institute announce partnership to enhance impact data in private markets

Joint endeavour marks significant advancement for alternative assets impact data

LONDON, 20 February 2024Preqin, the global leader in alternative assets data, tools, and insights, and Impact Institute, a leading provider of impact technology solutions developed by worldwide experts in impact measurement and valuation, today announced a partnership to equip investment professionals with cutting-edge asset-level impact data to enhance deal origination workflows. These innovative data points will also unlock insights into the impact of investment portfolios within private capital markets*.

The alternative markets are historically opaque, notably when it comes to environmental, social and governance (ESG) and impact data, as private firms do not have the regulatory duty to disclose these details. Hence, for any financial professional who invests in, allocates to or advises on alternatives, there is a scarcity of credible data with ESG and impact considerations. Consequently, although impact factors present both financial risks and opportunities, due to e.g., evolving regulations and shifting consumer preferences, these often remain invisible to investors in alternatives. This partnership between Preqin and Impact Institute aims to bridge this information gap, with industry-backed estimations allowing better impact analysis and decision-making.

The joint vision shared by Preqin and Impact Institute revolves around making sustainability data an integral part of the decision-making and investment workflows for alternative assets professionals. Now, they can better understand the positive and negative impacts that their investments have on society.

Through the partnership, the Global Impact Database (GID), Impact Institute’s flagship quantitative database that helps businesses and investors on their social, environmental, and human impacts, will be seamlessly embedded into Preqin ESG Solutions datasets. The solutions help industry professionals gain insights into private firms’ sustainability strategies and policies, providing comprehensive impact data, analytics, and insights.

Together, the partnership will see almost 300,000 private companies meticulously analyzed through the lens of the Global Impact Database, providing impact metrics that elucidate potential global effects across all impact dimensions. Furthermore, Preqin ESG Solutions will enable the exploration of impact within global value chains, offering insights at a granular level.

Jaclyn Bouchard, EVP, Head of ESG Solutions & Corporate Responsibility at Preqin, said, “Our partnership with Impact Institute marks a pivotal moment for investors seeking to harness the power of impact data. We are illuminating the path forward for decision making and analysis, offering investors a much-needed transparency to navigate the complexities of ESG and impact integration in investment processes. By combining the strengths of Preqin and Impact Institute, we’re delivering reliable data in an intuitive format, empowering investors to seamlessly incorporate impact metrics into their decision-making processes.”

Adrian de Groot Ruiz, CEO at Impact Institute, said, “This partnership marks a significant milestone in our journey to revolutionize sustainable investing and enable positive impact to create profits. We believe the alternatives community drives financial innovation. By merging impact data with financial insights, we’re shaping the future of investment decision-making, empowering investors in alternatives to drive positive change with a unique tool that redefines how we measure and manage return, risk and impact.”

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* Private capital encompasses the asset classes private equity, venture capital, private debt, real estate, infrastructure and natural resources, but excludes hedge funds

About Preqin

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About Impact Institute

Impact Institute is a leading provider of software, data and services that enable organisations and investors to manage their impact. Housing some of the world’s experts in impact valuation, together with Harvard Business School, Erasmus University Rotterdam, and Singapore Management University, it developed the Impact-Weighted Accounts Framework. Its core solution, the Global Impact Database, is one of the most complete datasets of non-financial impacts at country-sector level. By quantifying and monetising impacts, it allows businesses to make informed decisions on risks and opportunities.

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