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Banking For Impact publishes Principles of Impact Reporting for Financial Institutions

The Banking for Impact (BFI) working group published the document Principles for Impact Reporting for Financial Institutions

The Banking for Impact (BFI) initiative – a coalition formed by banks, Harvard Impact Weighted Accounts and Impact institute – works to provide concrete guidance on this impact reporting and impact measurement and valuation for banks. BFI has already published two impact measurement and management pieces. Additionally, we are thrilled to announce that the initiative just published the “Principles of Impact Reporting for Financial Institutions” document.

The goal of the latest publication is to guide banks to start reporting their impact. It represents a starting point, helps remove barriers, and identifies and explains practical challenges. Real case studies are also provided, showing that other financial institutions and organisations are already reporting their impact.

Whether you work at a financial institution or not, this document can help you understand how to get started on your impact journey. Read the whole piece and learn more about BFI and other relevant publications directly on the website:

We are soliciting input on the document and its applicability. For any feedback or ideas, please reach out to Sven Renon.

If you are interested in joining the BFI please contact Arjan Udding or any of the current BFI Steering Committee members: Tjeerd Krumpelman, Rob Zochowski, Adrian de Groot Ruiz, Severiano Solana, Thorbjørn Lundholm Dahl, Judson Berkey. 

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