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Launch of Impact Professional Training & Education

One million Impact Professionals in 2030

Professionals have a huge potential to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
By working on innovations, entrepreneurship and technology, they can contain and overcome health, poverty, climate or biodiversity crises. However, for that they need to measure, manage and improve their impact on and dependency of society. We are extremely excited to launch our Impact Professional Programme. The programme provides professionals the education needed for an Impact Economy, in which work, innovation, entrepreneurship and technology leads to wellbeing and the achievement of the SDGs. Our aim is to educate 1 million Impact Professionals by 2030.

The Impact Professional Programme offers courses to get started with impact measurement and specific training for sustainability, finance and management roles. In addition, it offers a year long course to become a certified impact professional. Next to quantitative modelling, the programme also focuses on qualitative assessments, communication and change management.

The Programme builds onto our methodologies applied to leading companies and intitutions such as ABN AMRO, DBS Bank and the United Nations Environment. The Programme will be taught by seasoned experts and PhDs, working at Impact Institute. Participants who succesfully fulfilled their education get a certificate.

Visit our website to register.

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