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Join our webinar: Impact investing beyond intention and emotion

Impact investors and philanthropists aim to be a real force for good. Using their financial capital, they can effect change and create impact, helping society deal with many of its fundamental challenges. However, decisions on where to invest or provide funding are often made based on good intentions and emotions. Without a robust and widely accepted method to calculate societal returns it is difficult to demonstrate impact results and compare those with peers. The information on impact, when available is often troublesome to interpret, also leading to concerns about “impact washing” in the field. ​

To maximise impact and demonstrate their societal value creation, funders need a robust approach. One which leverages information to quantify and value the impact they generate.

On October 26th from 14:00-15:30 (CET), Impact Institute will host a webinar launching the recently published Guide for Funders to Assess and Value Impact. Together with a panel of experienced impact investors, we will discuss the importance of impact assessment for investors and philanthropists, and illustrate how funders can in practice incorporate quantitative impact assessment into their work.

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Want to find out more about the Guide for Funders to Assess and Value Impact? Download and read our open-source Guide here.

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