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Impact Institute Collaborates with VRC in Educating Impact Professionals

Impact Institute is proud to announce a collaboration with the Association of Register Controllers (VRC) for the launch of the Impact Professional Programme.

The Association of Register Controllers (VRC) focuses on continued education of and support for top experts in financial management, and collaborates with renowned educational institutions and finance organisations to that end.

Ethics and responsibility are amongst the core values of VRC. In order to apply these values to their daily practices, VRC has chosen the Impact Professional Programme as a new addition to their education programs. Through this collaboration, we aim to equip financial professionals with the necessary tools and knowlede to measure and value the impact of their organization.

Rajesh Balgobind, Treasurer VRC“We believe our members and other financial professionals can pioneer the application of impact into financial procedures and contribute to societal value creation”

Adrian de Groot Ruiz, Executive Director Impact Institute“The COVID-19 crisis shows us how important it is that professionals can anticipate on impacts on and dependencies of the society. Our goal is to have one million impact professionals in 2030.”

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