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Alliander’s Integrated Impact

Alliander’s Integrated Impact

The Impact Institute * has mapped the impact of all activities of Alliander, the largest energy network supplier of the Netherlands. We looked at impacts on six capitals: financial, produced, intellectual, environmental, social and human capital. For this, we used our Integrated Profit and Loss tool and worked together with Ecofys.

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Alliander has set itself high ambitions with respect insight into their impacts, both positive and negative. In 2016, Alliander and the Impact Institute, together with Ecofys, started with the quantification and monetization of Allianders impacts, such as the impact of CO2 emissions or the employment of people with a distance to the labor market.

The calculations of the impacts have been published in Allianders annual report and a seperate impact report.

* This post was published when Impact Institute operated under the name True Price, before 10-10-2018.

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