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GID Featured in the Environmental Finance ESG Data Guide 2022

Our Global Impact Database (GID) has been included in the 2022 edition of Environmental Finance ESG Data Guide, which every year provides investors and other market players with a guide for navigating the rapidly evolving landscape of sustainability data products.

The GID was officially launched in 2019. It was developed to quantitatively describe the global economy and estimate economic, social and environmental impacts of investments. Our focus is providing impact estimates that are quantitative, consistent, comparable and attributed across value chains without double counting. It covers 65 sectors and 140 countries worldwide and 3500 companies, including direct, upstream, and downstream value chain impacts.

GID’s cutting-edge approach is based on high granularity and rigorous framework, and its value to society is recognized by leading organizations and outstanding institutions, making it a valuable and innovative solution within the landscape of ESG data providers.

Impact data offers an alternative solution that resolves the main challenges commonly associated to ESG ratings like bias and inconsistencies, incomparability between metrics, and lack of consideration of impact on stakeholders. This makes impact data a strong alternative to the current ESG ratings, which could shape the future of sustainability data.

About Environmental Finance
Environmental Finance is an online news service with a quarterly print edition. It was first established in 1999 to report on environmental markets, investments and risk. It provides timely and incisive news and analysis on a broad range of environmental issues including: climate change, renewable energy finance, emissions markets, weather risk management, policy and legislation, environmental insurance and sustainable investments.

More information

  • For further information about the our data, please check out our GID products. Building on GID, we developed specific data solutions, ranging from biodiversity to EU SFDR data.
  • GID Biodiversity Impact Data included in the Finance for Biodiversity’s Guide for Biodiversity Measurement Approaches. Download the Guide.
  • ABN Amro Impact on Biodiversity. Read about the report.

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