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3 Informative Insights from the Webinar on Biodiversity: From Risk to Impact

Navigating Biodiversity: Embark on a journey of discovery, measurement, reaction, and integration to prevent biodiversity loss. 

Get ready for a quick recap of our recent webinar on biodiversity, where we explored the steps organisations need to take to positively contribute to their biodiversity impact. The aim of the webinar was to provide valuable guidance on adopting an impact-centered approach and to inspire organisations to start planning their impact journey – ultimately empowering organisations on the path to become nature positive. 

Strategic importance of biodiversity 

Biodiversity stands as the foundation of life on Earth, intertwined with the well-being of our planet, society, and economy. Despite its vital importance, biodiversity has faced an alarming decline of nearly 70% over the past 50 years, according to the WWF Living Planet Report 2022. 

With more than half of the world’s economy dependent on nature’s services, biodiversity loss can significantly disrupt business operations and poses physical, transitional and reputational risks. Furthermore, it is a rapidly emerging topic in policy and regulation agendas. Businesses and financial institutions play a pivotal role in addressing this loss and fostering sustainability. 

Where to start when assessing the biodiversity impact of my financial activities?  

For most, starting to understand biodiversity impacts is a daunting challenge. Without accurate information, financial institutions struggle in moving from risk to impact.  

Our expertise lies in guiding organisations through biodiversity impact measurement and analysis, providing invaluable support in this complex endeavor. 

“In our work we move across top-down and bottom-up models to approach the biodiversity impact and risk measurement topic, highlighting how such tools fit into a wider impact journey and into international standards”

How We Can Help You in Your Biodiversity Journey

We offer tailored biodiversity impact modeling services, complemented by robust data collection, management, and modeling capabilities. Our biodiversity valuation services integrate nature considerations into decision-making processes, facilitating impactful and sustainable actions. Book a demo to test our Biodiversity Footprint Calculator in action.

Key Takeaways from the Webinar

  • The Impact Institute supports organizations at every stage of their impact journey, offering practical tools for impact identification, quantification, and action. 
  • Transitioning from measurement to in-depth analysis is essential for driving impactful change. 
  • We provide advisory and educational services for comprehensive impact evaluation, empowering organizations to achieve sustainability goals effectively. 


To conclude: Embarking on a journey of discovery, measurement, reaction, and integration can prevent biodiversity loss. 

There exists a clear pathway for businesses and organisations to prevent biodiversity loss. By embarking on a journey of discovery, measurement, reaction, and integration, organisations can become nature positive, aligning with the latest sustainability regulations and standards. 

Curious about how to understand and manage your organisation’s impact on biodiversity?

Thank you to our brilliant speakers: 

Adrien Gruson, speaker on biodiversity impact journey and methodology.

Matthijs Moerel, speaker on top-down biodiversity modeling with GID.

Lorenzo Bissi, speaker on bottom-up biodiversity measurement and monetisation.

And an equally big thank you to all participants for their engagement and commitment to sustainability. We invite you to subscribe to our newsletters and follow us on social media for updates on upcoming events and resources to support your impact journey. 

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