Impact Institute is looking for new colleagues to join our team.

Our current vacancies are listed below.



Business Developer Data

As a Business Developer Data, you are responsible for the business development of the data services, including the Global Impact Database. You will be working closely with and reporting to the  manager of the data team.
Your main responsibilities are the design and implementation of various strategies to acquire new customers, using both digital and non-digital channels, and the successful acquisition of new customers.

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Public Entrepreneurship Lead

As Public Entrepreneurship Lead, you are responsible for the growth, development and management of our public entrepreneurial activities. Public entrepreneurship encompasses the realization of public goals (such as the creation of knowledge, standards, coalitions and open data/tools) with entrepreneurial means. In particular, you will be developing and managing partnerships with governments, universities, NGOs and social enterprises. An important element is managing the partnership with True Price. Public entrepreneurship activities do need to have a clear public goal and have at least a neutral business case. You will be working closely with and reporting to the Board.

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Software Intern

As a Software Intern, you are part of the Software team that develops products to support both ourselves and our clients with measuring impact. You contribute to the design and programming of these tool using the functional language F# and SQL and translate our methodologies into models, tools and databases.

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Analyst Intern E&U

As an Analyst Intern Energy and Utilities you support our consultancy projects (e.g. impact assessments in the Energy and Utilities sector) and perform research for our impact data solutions for energy technologies.

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