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Impact Institute is looking for new colleagues to join our team.

Our current vacancies are listed below.

As of 10-10-2018, True Price launched Impact Institute. 

Impact Institute is a social enterprise that will continue to conduct all of True Price’s former activities relating to impact measurement and valuation. Furthermore, all vacancies originally listed by True Price (before 10-10-2018) now fall under and are offered by Impact Institute.

For more information about the launch of Impact Institute and the role of True Price click here.

Full-time Positions

Office Manager

We are looking for an Office Manager, a proactive and highly-organized all-rounder with excellent organizational and administrative skills who can support a variety of tasks within a dynamic and growing company. In this role, you will have the opportunity to contribute to the further professionalization and growth of the organization, as the Impact Institute is growing fast and continues to evolve quickly.

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Finance Business Partner/ Controller

We are looking for a full-time finance business partner/ controller. In this important role, you will improve and monitor the financial processes and reporting, the Planning & Control cycle, and the quality of the information required to achieve the objectives within Impact Institute. In this role, you will support the development of the sales and business development.

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Strategic Data Scientist (junior, medior, senior)

In this role, you will work on the interface between strategy consulting and a data science. In this important role, you work in teams to deliver data-driven strategic analyses and solutions to help businesses, NGOs and governments improve their impact. You will use quantitative and data-driven methods to deliver analyses that support decision making and make datasets of strategic importance.

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Software Developer (junior/ medior)

We are looking for a full-time software developer. In this important role, you develop software tools to measure and value impact in a team of developers. The level of autonomy and responsibility depends on whether you enter at the junior or medior level. We develop highly innovative tools in agile and interdisciplinary teams (software developers, impact analysts, data scientists).

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Marketing, Sales and Communication Intern

As a Marketing, Sales and Communication Intern, you are part of the team that acquires new projects and communicates Impact Institute’s mission to the wider public. You provide content, write and publish articles on Impact Institute’s website, social media and other media.

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Analyst Intern

As an Analyst Intern, you are part of the project team that calculates the societal impact for companies and organizations. You do quantitative analysis on environmental, social and economic benefits and costs, and desk research on primary and secondary data.

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Software Engineer Intern

As a Software Engineer Intern, you are part of the team that develops the tools used in our projects. You contribute to the design and programming of tools, and find solutions to methodological challenges by conducting research on methods and data.

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