Amsterdam, 15 September 2022

Jellie Banga will take office as the new CEO of Impact Institute from 1st November. Until May 2021, Jellie Banga was Vice Chair and member of the Executive Board of Triodos Bank. Before that, she spent 12 years in various positions at ING.

For me, this is a wonderful opportunity to help further accelerate the sustainability of the economy. Impact Institute plays a leading role in the world when it comes to measuring and valuing societal impact (in monetary terms). Steering on societal value and anchoring this in the core of business models is, in my view, crucial for the transition to a sustainable economy.Jellie Banga.

board impact institute with jellie banga

Jellie will focus on further scaling up the company.

With the arrival of Jellie, Impact Institute’s founders and current directors, Adrian de Groot Ruiz and Michel Scholte, can focus more on the development of two new business units.

Adrian will lead the company’s technology spin-off to be launched later this year and Michel will lead the digital education activities. With this move, taking effect from 1st November 2022, Impact Institute will be led by a three-member board of directors, consisting of Jellie, Adrian and Michel.

We are honoured by Jellie joining and are looking forward to this new phase. Jellie is a respected leader in the financial industry and is extremely mission-driven. Together we will further accelerate the transition to the impact economy.” – Adrian De Groot Ruiz.

Growth phase

Impact Institute, founded in 2018 in Amsterdam as a spin-off of True Price, has since become a global leader in measuring and valuing societal impact and in developing ways to strategically steer on societal value and anchoring this in the business models of organisations. Founded in 2012, True Price is the authority in calculating the true price of consumer products and services, with several supermarkets, cafes and restaurants now offering products with true prices.

Impact Institute wants to enable people and companies to realise the impact economy by using a common language for impact and tools to improve impact in practice. To do so, it offers organisations software, data, training and consultancy services to measure, value and improve impact and strategically steer on it.

Impact Institute is growing rapidly. More than 70 people now work with us, and this number is expected to near 100 by the end of 2022.

We founded Impact Institute because we no longer found it sustainable for large companies to be making a profit at the expense of society.” – Michel Scholte. Impact Institute’s mission is to realise an impact economy by enabling companies to make ‘social profit’. These include products that combat climate change, jobs that reduce inequality and shops that increase social cohesion.

By measuring and reporting impact through Impact-Weighted Accounting, companies can integrate impact into their business operations, so that they can be both sustainable and (financially) profitable at the same time. Impact Institute works in partnership with, among others, Harvard Business School, Cornell University, RSM, Rabobank and the Municipality of Amsterdam. Its corporate clients include Randstad, ABN AMRO, Alliander, UBS and Tony’s Chocolonely.

Jellie Banga

Jellie Banga has over 20 years of experience in the financial sector. As vice chair and member of the Board of Directors of Triodos Bank (2013 – 2021), she was responsible for the commercial and operational development of the bank in six European countries. She previously worked at ING for 12 years, including as Director of Corporate Loans at ING Netherlands. Jellie has been a member of the Supervisory Board of Lendahand since 2021 and as of 15th August 2022 was appointed as a member of the Supervisory Board of Invest International. She is also a member of the Advisory Board of the Finance and the Common Good programme.