Every business activity and decision has an impact on the economy, the environment, and society. In a highly connected global economy, organisations need to understand the implications of business activities including complex value chains spanning the globe. Increasingly, this extends beyond financial information to sustainability and Human Rights commitments.

Global Impact Database (GID) provides robust, consistent, and comparable estimates of impact on Natural, Financial, Social, Human, and Manufactured Capital for industries worldwide. It can support organisations towards understanding, reporting and managing the societal impact of their supply chains, own operations, and investment portfolios.

GID estimates this impact by looking at the global economy to estimate economic, social, and environmental impacts for 189 countries with 26 sectors.

Please see the sections below for more specific information related to the GID:


The GID is widely applicable to many different organisations seeking to measure impact including investors, businesses and governments. Some applications of the GID for these organisations are listed below:


  • Portfolio/fund level impact analysis
  • Input for investment steering based on specific hybrid sector impact comparisons
  • Investment steering based on benchmark impact comparisons
  • Impact risk hotspot analysis
  • Impact based KPI development


  • Supplier and client impact estimates
  • Input for company or product level hybrid impact assessments
  • Country sector level impact benchmarks


  • Global sector benchmarking


GID contains impact estimates for the entire global economy and was developed using state of the art data and methods, building on years of expertise in the impact measurement and valuation field.

To further understand what is included in the GID and the approach used to develop it please visit the GID Technical Overview.


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