Building on its flagship award-winning product, the Global Impact Database, Impact Institute launches a new datasetdeveloped through collaboration with the Dutch Asset Manager ACTIAM – to measure the biodiversity impact of companies and their value chains, providing actionable insights into the main drivers of biodiversity loss. 

Biodiversity loss represents a critical global challenge. The recently held COP15 has shed light on the importance and urgency of giving biodiversity the same level of attention and protection as the climate.

In the past months, Impact Institute has worked towards aligning with global collaborative groups to help organisations easily align with multiple biodiversityrelated initiatives and frameworks. As a result, our GID Biodiversity data solution has been included in the 2nd edition of the ‘Guide on biodiversity measurement approaches, and Impact Institute is now part of the Task Force for Nature Related Disclosures (TNFD) Data Catalyst working group. 

Building on our award-winning Global Impact Database, we kicked off 2023 with the release of a new company-level biodiversity dataset. The dataset has been developed through the active collaboration between the Dutch Asset Manager ACTIAM N.V. and Impact Institute’s team of data scientists, researchers, and biodiversity experts. 

With this launch, we aim to bring value to organisations, academic, and financial institutions, which can use it to enhance their ability to measure and manage the biodiversity impact of their operations, value chains, and investment portfolios, ultimately developing effective strategies related to the conservation of nature.

“Some people hide behind the lack of data when dealing with biodiversity. With everything out there you can already start making decisions to limit biodiversity loss and start finding ways to finance the conservation and preservation of nature”. Arjan Ruijs – Senior Responsible Investment Officer at Actiam


ACTIAM N.V. is one of the ten largest Dutch asset management companies, offering sustainable investment strategies and solutions to insurance companies, pension funds, banks and distribution partners. They do this with actively and passively managed investment funds, impact investing and mandates. On behalf of their clients, they manage a capital of approximately €20 billion.

Additional information on the organization can be found here.

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