CSRD Reporting

Comprehensive CSRD Reporting Solutions by Impact Institute

Impact Institute is your one-stop shop for all Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) needs. Our unique combination of standardised products and tailored advisory services ensures that we support you through every step of your CSRD and sustainability journey.

Our Expertise in CSRD Reporting

  1. Initiation: Setting up the project, understanding requirements, and engaging with auditors.
  2. Gap Analysis: Inventory of existing ESG disclosures and systems versus requirements.
  3. Double Materiality Assessment (DMA): Identifying material sustainability matters from both an internal and external perspective.
  4. Data Collection: Developing a data collection plan, governance infrastructure, and ongoing data collection.
  5. Embedding: Defining metrics for progress tracking, setting targets, and developing action plans.
  6. CSRD Reporting: Establishing internal and external reporting structures based on ESRS requirements.
  7. Assurance: Obtaining assurance from external auditors.
  8. Transformation: Implementing transition plans and strengthening sustainability strategies.

Support Opportunities

  • CSRD Workshops: Learn from experts and network with like-minded professionals.
  • CSRD Academy: Virtual e-learning platform to equip your team with essential CSRD knowledge.
  • CSRD Kickstarters: Half-day training sessions tailored for your company.
  • CSRD Hub: A platform providing tools and templates for CSRD information.
  • Sustainability Strategy Advisory: Move your business towards sustainability with expert advice.
  • ESG and Impact Measurement: Baseline and track the impacts of your business.
  • Bespoke CSRD Support: Custom DMA and materiality assessments.
  • Value Chain Analysis: Get a comprehensive impact snapshot of your business operations.

Why Choose Impact Institute?

We empower organizations to transition towards sustainable business models by providing the tools, technology, advice, and training needed to make informed, impact-driven decisions. Our mission is to accelerate the impact economy, where everyday work leads to a better world through innovative and sustainable practices.