CSRD Materiality Assessment

From transparency to transformation: take the next step beyond compliance and become future-proof with our impact-based materiality assessment.

A modular toolkit to help
you navigate the regulation

We offer a modular toolkit that helps you identify material topics according to ESRS and beyond through four services:

  1. Gap analysis to identify blind spots in your data
  2. Stakeholder interviews & survey to gather internal and
    external input In independent and repeatable process;
  3. Data-driven materiality assessment through our Global
    Impact Database, containing scope 1, 2, 3 data across 19
    ESRS sub-topics, and additional insights for strategy
    setting and risk management;
  4. Review of existing materiality assessment and
    knowledge transfer to conduct an assessment with
    impact at its core.

Ideal product for:

Companies, banks and investors that need to
comply with CSRD regulation but want insights
beyond compliance throughout their value chain.

Distinguishing features

  • Cost-effective, data-driven approach to identify scale, scope and (ir)remediability of material impacts;
  • Quantified assessment of investees’ impact expressed in standardised, comparable numeric scores;
  • Independent, repeatable internal and external stakeholder interviews;
  • Identification of impact risks and potential (unintended) negative impacts, as well as positive impacts and solutions;
  • Assurance-ready documentation of process and findings

Why choose Impact

  • 10+ years of impact and sustainability reporting
  • Quantitative assessment of own operations and
    value chain impact;
  • Alignment with ESRS and other industry
    standards such as Impact Weighted Accounts
    Framework (IWAF) and Impact Measurement
    Project (IMP).

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