CSRD in one day

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About this course

CSRD IN ONE DAY is an in-person event during which professionals obtain essential knowledge and competencies for reporting under European Sustainability Reporting Standards in one day. In this course, we use real-world example cases from different sectors, original ESRS requirements and reports and practical assignments that promote collaborative learning and exchange of ideas. This one-day program includes:

  • 8 hours of instructor-led workshop and 1 hour of lunch/networking in a classroom setting.
  • E-learning materials for preparation and retention of knowledge.
  • A scoping tool that helps you determine which requirements are to be disclosed at each phase of the CSRD journey.
  • A digital CSRD manual, including CSRD content and key slides used during this workshop.
  • Pre-recorded interview with the ESRS technical expert.
  • Scenario-based simulations to initiate and practice CSRD project management.
  • Certificate of completion.

Content of this workshop

This workshop consists of the following subjects:

  • Introduction
  • Unfolding CSRD
  • CSRD Requirements
  • CSRD Materiality Assessment
  • Environmental ESRS
  • Social ESRS
  • CSRD Project Management
  • Governance ESRS and CSRD Data Management (self-paced e-learning)

Key learning outcomes

During CSRD in One Day, you will:

  • Acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to start the CSRD reporting preparation in the organisation.
  • Determine when and which CSRD requirements apply to your company.
  • Identify the key steps for complying with the ESRS requirements.
  • Make a gap analysis and set up an action plan according to the ESRS requirements.
  • Get familiar with the stages of Double Materiality Assessment bythe ESRS requirements.
  • Discover necessary practicalities related to the developed action plan and workstreams.

Practical information

The CSRD IN ONE DAY takes place in Amsterdam, at Van Diemenstraat 292. Details about the program and other information will be sent to participants between 1 and 2 weeks before the course takes place. Access to the e-learning modules will be available shortly after registration.


Register now or find more info on CSRDAcademy.com