Biodiversity course: measure and manage biodiversity impact

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About this course

TBD, expected launch January 2023

A 4-hour community-powered online English-taught course on How to Measure and Manage Biodiversity Loss.

Today, biodiversity loss – the reduction or disappearance of biological diversity – is a global crisis and one of the most daunting challenges of our era. Many ecosystems are already undergoing irreparable degradation, undermining nature’s and humans’ capacity to prosper and be resilient. More than half of the world’s total GDP is moderately or highly dependent on nature and its services, and it is – therefore – exposed to nature loss” (WEF, 2020).


Professionals who want to raise their awareness of the importance of biodiversity loss mitigation and to apply impact measurement and integrated thinking in your working context.

Professionals, who want to acquire necessary knowledge in a team of experts, competencies, and skills to understand the urgency of the problem and learn how to mitigate it within different contexts. You will get a thorough understanding of measuring and managing biodiversity loss, how biodiversity loss affects your organisation and how to mitigate it.


  • Completed University Degree
  • Min. of 1 year of work experience (preferred)
  • Basic analytical skills and access to company data
  • Company support by decision-makers is recommended


Courses are given by word-leading experts in impact measurement and management. During the course, you will also interact with other peers from different organisations and learn from each other.


€ 295, pp*

*Prices incl. all materials, excl. VAT

Study hours

  • A 4-hour self-paced programme with the access to the empowering community of experts.
  • Participants receive 6 months of access to our learning platform to complete the course.
  • For the most effective learning experience, we recommend completing the course in approximately 2 weeks.


4 PE study points


  • Urgency of biodiversity loss
  • How biodiversity loss can affect your business
  • Biodiversity through the eyes of an impact professionals
  • Case studies
  • Managing biodiversity loss– what you can do in your job


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