The Impact Economy Foundation created the CVO of the year award with the aim of celebrating those who care as much about social and environmental value as financial value. We believe that it is possible to combine sustainability and profitability in business.
The Impact Institute is proud to work with the IEF on this initiative. 

Today, many CFOs are working towards a more sustainable economy, moving from being Chief Financial Officers to being Chief Value Officers.
A CVO is a CFO of a large organisation (+250 employees) who looks not only at financial value creation, but at societal value creation (the combination of social, human, natural and financial capital). A CVO integrates multiple value creation into the core of the company, from investment decisions to strategy.

To better describe this initiative, here are some words from Jellie Banga, CEO of Impact Institute and a member of the jury for this award. 

‘The Impact Economy Foundation has launched the Chief Value Office of the Year award. What is a CVO? A CVO is a CFO who leads in embedding long-term sustainable value creation for all stakeholders in the organization. We urgently need businesses to put long-term societal value creation at the heart of their business models to contribute to a sustainable future that works for people and the planet. This calls for brave CFOs, willing to take an integral view and change the paradigm, true Chief VALUE Officers!’ 

The jury is composed of judges with vast experience and knowledge in leadership and social responsibility: 

  • Jellie Banga, CEO of Impact Institute 
  • Hans Reus, Managing Director of Russel Reynolds Associates  
  • Enaam Ahmed Ali, Transition Manager at Rabobank
  • Jeroen Smit, Independent Journalist 
  • Mijntje Luckerath-Rovers, Professor of Corporate Governance at Tilburg University  

At the National Conference on Broad Welfare in December 2023, the final list of five CVOs will be announced and recognized. 

To learn more about this initiative, visit their website: 


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