Biodiversity Footprint Calculator

Kick-off your biodiversity journey and gain immediate quantitative insights into the biodiversity impact arising from your business operations or investment portfolio. Get ready to meet industry standards and regulatory requirements with the Biodiversity Footprint Calculator.

About this product:

The Biodiversity Footprint Calculator allows global investors and corporates to accurately measure the biodiversity impact of their complex economic value chains. Building on our Global Impact Database (GID), the tool is based on standard sector classifications of procurement and investments activities (e.g., NACE, ISIC, GTAP).

The calculator consolidates all biodiversity information into a unified depository. This caters to specific requirements from industry initiatives and regulations such as the TNFD, CSRD and SFDR. For more information see our Biodiversity Knowledge Base and Regulations Knowledge Base. Ultimately, the tool fosters more virtuous corporate decision processes within companies around the world. It works towards a global economy that internalizes planetary boundaries into decision-making.

Top sectors contributing negative biodiversity impact

Distinguishing features

  • Availability of both monetised and non-monetised units to assess the impacts on biodiversity loss, facilitating the integration into corporate and investment KPIs.
  • Pioneering attribution methodology that captures the impact arising from companies’ own operations, suppliers and clients, allowing to identify value chain responsibility without double counting.
  • Aligned with existing frameworks, including the TNFD LEAP approach, the Finance for Biodiversity Pledge, and the PBAF Standard.
  • A living data product that is supported by a multi-year development roadmap.
  • Worldwide coverage of all value chains and assets, split into 65 sectors and 140 countries and regions.
  • Four main drivers of biodiversity loss.

Our solution for you:

We enable corporations and global investors to map their data against Impact Institute’s proprietary biodiversity impact data. The product is available as a ready-to-use tool. Impact Institute’s support options range from basic training on the tool to full implementation support, including end-to-end calculations, interpretation of the results, and data visualisation.

Countrysectors with the highest biodiversity impact

Milestones, featured in:

  • Impact Institute is part of the TNFD Forum and TNFD Data Catalyst
    Working Group.
  • GID Biodiversity has been included in the 2nd edition of the Finance For Biodiversity Guide on Biodiversity Measurement Approaches.
  • Multiple public service companies, investors, and corporates have already had their biodiversity impact calculated by Impact Institute.

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