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Impact Institute* is a social enterprise that aims to contribute to the creation of an economy that creates value for all. We do so by helping organizations quantify, value, and improve their impact on society. We assist multinationals, SMEs, NGOs, and governmental organizations with risk management and strategic decision making by providing insights into their impacts and their associated risks and opportunities. The Impact Institute has developed the first method worldwide to quantify social and environmental costs of products as well as the first method to make an integrated Profit & Loss account.

The Role

In this important role, you work in teams to deliver projects to our customers. In these projects, we work with our customers to measure and value their impact, provide them with the tools to do it themselves and develop strategies how they can manage and improve their impact. Your challenge is to contribute to analyses and strategies, develop data-oriented tools, collect data behind your desk and in the field and present your work to the customer. You will operate in a fundamentally new domain, implement the true pricing methods and help customers in their transformation. With your personality and interpersonal skills you contribute to highly motivated and fun teams. You report to a consultant or project manager.


You will contribute to a movement towards true pricing that can change the world. You will have the opportunity to shape the strategy and policies of Impact Institute, as we are still a relatively young and small organization.  In addition, you will become an expert in impact measurement and valuation, which foresees in a fast growing demand among of organizations worldwide. Internationally, Impact Institute is recognized as one of the front-runners in this field. You will work with organizations, small and large, that influence the economy. We have worked with diverse organizations such as AkzoNobel, ABN AMRO, Achmea, BAM, DSM, Schiphol, Triodos, Rabobank, Tony’s Chocolonely, Hivos, ICCO, CNV, Fairtrade International, the Sustainable Food Trust and the United Nations (UNEP). You will develop your professionals skills in general as well as your quantitative, reasoning, personal and interpersonal skills in particular. You will be challenged to go where you have not gone before. You will have support and supervision during your endeavours.


1. Delivering analyses, data, research and reports
2. Delivering your assigned responsibilities on time and at the required level
3. Effectively and enjoyably working with team members to deliver the joint products
4. Contribute to designing and selling new products and projects
5. Improving and developing innovative methodologies and tools
6. Trouble shooting where necessary


1. Strong drive to contribute to a better world and proven ambition to make world sustainable
2. Pro-active, autonomous, result driven and “can do” personality
3. Intrinsically motivated, ambitious, hard-working and honest team player
4. Stress resistant
5. Master degree working and thinking level
6. Strong quantitative skills, evidenced by relevant degree (e.g. econometrics, statistics, mathematics, physics, data science, computer science, engineering)
7. Semi-professional extracurricular experience
8. Nice and fun personality with strong interpersonal and social skills
9. Fluency in English and preferably also Dutch


If you recognize yourself in the above, we welcome you to apply for this position by sending your resume and cover letter to We review applications on a rolling basis.


Formerly working under the name, True Price