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Operations Officer / Manager

Impact Institute* is a social enterprise that aims to contribute to the creation of an economy that creates value for all. We do so by helping organizations quantify, value, and improve their impact on society. We provide multinationals, SMEs, NGOs, and governmental organizations with the tools, data, training and strategies they need to measure and improve their value creation to society. The Impact Institute has developed the first method worldwide to quantify social and environmental costs of products as well as the first method to make an integrated Profit & Loss account.

The Role

We are looking for a full-time operations officer or manager. In this critical role, you are responsible to contribute to and execute the strategy of Impact Institute, ensure that the operations of Impact Institute run smoothly and manage growth wisely.

Your main responsibilities are strategy formation and execution, Operational planning, operational efficiency, HR, contracting, IT and security. You report directly to the executive director. As operations officer, you would work under close guidance of the executive director. As operations manager, you would work closely with the executive director, but are expected to independently set up and maintain organizational processes, and, in addition, focus more on management control and contribute to governance and strategy. An officer would have opportunities to take on more strategic tasks as she / he gains experience and develop into an operations manager.


You will contribute to a movement towards true pricing that can change the world. You will have the opportunity to shape the organization, as Impact Institute is growing fast and continues to evolve quickly. You will have significant autonomy in setting up the operational systems. In addition, you will become well-versed in monetizing external costs and impact measurement, which meets a fast growing demand of organizations worldwide. Internationally,  Impact Institute is recognized as one of the front-runners in this field.


  1. Strategy formation and execution: Support management team in forming and revising the strategy and translating strategy into operational plans with goals and ensuring the strategy is executed successfully
  2. Operational planning: In charge of annual and monthly goal and planning cycle
  3. Management control: monitoring and improving the processes of the organizations
  4. Human resources: recruitment, selection, training and evaluation of employees.
  5. Contracting: making and controlling legal agreements with customers, partners and suppliers
  6. IT and security: maintain IT systems and IT security (together with suppliers) and make sure privacy of all stakeholders is respected
  7. Operational efficiency: contribute and monitor that projects are completed on-time, within budget and to customer satisfaction
  8. Legal, contracting and purchasing: In charge of contracting with clients and customers, maintain relations with suppliers
  9. Contribute to governance and strategy: Provide input on governance and strategic issues
  10. Additional tasks can form part of this role depending on the interests and skills of the candidate


  1. Strong drive to contribute to a better world and proven ambition to make world sustainable
  2. Pro-active, autonomous, result driven and “can do” personality
  3. Intrinsically motivated, ambitious, hard-working and a team player
  4. Stress resistant
  5. Master degree, preferably background in business
  6. 1-3 years relevant work experience in business operations for operations officer and 4-6 years of experience for operations management
  7. Work experience in a business environment
  8. Pleasant personality with strong interpersonal and social skills
  9. Fluency in English and Dutch


If you recognize yourself in the above, we welcome you to apply for this position by sending your resume and cover letter to recruitment@impactinstitute.com. We review applications on a rolling basis.

Formerly working under the name, True Price