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Finance Officer/Manager

Impact Institute* is a social enterprise that aims to contribute to the creation of an economy that creates value for all. We do so by helping organizations quantify, value, and improve their impact on society. We assist multinationals, SMEs, NGOs, and governmental organizations with risk management and strategic decision making by providing insights into their impacts and their associated risks and opportunities. The Impact Institute has developed the first method worldwide to quantify social and environmental costs of products as well as the first method to make an integrated Profit & Loss account. We are currently looking for a project manager.

The Role

We are looking for a full-time finance officer or manager. In this critical role, you are responsible to develop and execute the financial strategy, planning and control of Impact Institute. Your main responsibilities are finance, control, business intelligence, reporting and investor relations. You report directly to the executive director. As finance officer, you would work under close guidance of the executive director. As finance manager, you would work closely with the executive director, but are expected to independently develop and carry out the financial strategy of the business and contribute strongly to strategy. An officer would have opportunities to take on more strategic tasks as she / he gains experience and develop into an operations manager.


You will contribute to a movement towards true pricing that can change the world. You will have the opportunity to shape the organization, as the Impact Institute is growing fast and continues to evolve quickly. In addition, you will become well-versed in monetizing external costs and impact measurement, which meets a fast growing demand of organizations worldwide. Internationally, True Price is recognized as one of the front runners in this field.


  1. Financial strategy: develop and implement financial strategy, carry out financial planning
  2. Financial risk management and treasury: Manage the financial risks of the organization and guaranteeing the liquidity and solvability of the organization at all times
  3. Financial administration: supervise and oversee the financial administration
  4. Tax: make sure the organization meets all tax requirements
  5. Control and reporting: credit control, audit, annual accounts, reporting
  6. Business intelligence: provide management team with business critical internal information.
  7. Investor relations: Together with management team, prepare information and liaise with investors and attract impact investors when needed
  8. Strategy: Contribute to the strategy formation and execution of the organization based on a data-driven approach
  9. Additional tasks can form part of this role depending on the interests and skills of the candidate


  1. Strong drive to contribute to a better world and proven ambition to make world sustainable
  2. Pro-active, autonomous, result driven and “can do” personality
  3. Intrinsically motivated, ambitious, hard-working and a team player
  4. Stress resistant
  5. Master degree, background required in finance or accounting
  6. 1-3 years relevant work experience in finance for Finance Officer and 4-6 years work experience for Finance Manager
  7. Work experience in a business environment
  8. Pleasant personality with strong interpersonal and social skills
  9. Fluency in English and Dutch


If you recognize yourself in the above, we welcome you to apply for this position by sending your resume and cover letter to We review applications on a rolling basis.


Formerly working under the name, True Price